Are You Looking for the Best Cruiser Skateboards? These are the models that Can Match Your and Yours Wallet Requirements.

So, you fell under the influenceof the fashion,friends or magic of the skateboarding at the moment when you saw unknownskatersin the streetsof your city. And you have decided toget on the board? It is a greatdecision!Nowthe most important thingis notto make a mistakechoosing yourhalf-iron friend andbuya real goodskateboard. There are the best boards that have been celebrated by both pro athletes and beginners.

The first comes Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)

Artisan Super Longboard with lovely bamboo and original maple deck is a stellar choice for beginnersbecause of itshandiness andmaneuverability.Getfreedomand independence as well as a lot of positiveemotionsand pleasure with Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard!

Design Featuresof the Cruiser Skateboard:

  • multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful Artisan bamboo deck;
  • rugged 7-Inch aluminum trucks;
  • durable, PU wheels - 70mm;
  • kick tail
  • Consistently Remains on top in Cruiser Skateboards category.

The skateboard’sdeck hasgot a Tailor-Madeshape.The model is notable for its overstrength due to multiple lays. As to the model’s “skin”, it has prime specification, which help a novice while thrusting off as well as to brush new tricks due to the antiskating capabilities.It is due to7-Inch aluminum trucks, the model is characterized byits short turn maneuverability, including high-speedturning rounds. Artisan Super Longboard has got 70 mm width ofthe wheels that is the golden mean for the beginners.

Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board Skateboard (27-Inch) is the second best

Quest Fishtail Cruiser Skateboard is ahandy andmovable board, thehallmark of which is thefrontal deckwith Fish Tail.

Design Featuresof the Cruiser Skateboard:

  • 27-Inch Cruiser Board;
  • 7 Ply all hardwood maple deck;
  • Rugged 6-Inch aluminum trucks;
  • Durable 70mm PU wheels;
  • Fish Tail with Slight Kick.

The deck is made out of theseven-layerhardwood maple,which is notable for anincredible hardnessthat empowerstohave a shot at themanifoldtricks, without risk todamage theboard. The modelis equipped with6-Inch aluminum trucks, whichallow thecarcassto hold ariderweighing 60 pounds.

The next comes New Cruiser Through 9.5x42 Longboard Skateboard Complete

New Cruiser Through 9.5x42 Longboard Skateboard Completehelpsa newcomerriderto learn the ropes of theridingskills quickly and with delightas well as improve his/herexpertise.

Design Featuresof the Cruiser Skateboard:

  • 42"*9.5" full maple deck;
  •  70mm wheels 70% rebound, 83A hardnes;
  • ABEC-9 special bearing;
  • Truck Material: 356-T6 aluminum alloy.

The back ofthe modelis a full maple deckthatprovidesexcellent handling characteristics, gives 9.6-inches of skidding into every turn and is ideal for a downhill carving. In addition, special bearings provide maximum smooth rolling.70mm wheels with 83A hardnesscoming withthe ABEC-9 bearingsallow a rider not onlyto acceleratebut alsomaneuve,making the lowest efforts.

Retro Wave Cruiser Complete 22" Banana Skateboard (Blue) is the last but not least

Retro Wave Cruiser Complete 22" Banana Skateboard is a modern version of theboard that has been popularsince the seventies. The brandhasbeen back to the marketinhigh and richcolors.The model incarnates the beginning of theage of the skateboarding!

Design Featuresof the Cruiser Skateboard:

  • Complete Board Set w/6" Trucks, Wheels, ABEC-5 Bearings, Hardware;
  • Unique Textured Pattern on Deck, Designed for Maximum Grip;
  • Truck Axle Width: 6", Truck Hanger Width: 3";
  • Deck Measures 22 x Hardware.

This modelof the cruiser skateboard has got a number of advantages:ABEC-5 bearingswill makea rider to ridefaster and longerafterone-take-off. Thetrucks with a bushingpromote toeasy-to-operate handling, and the qualitative boardwill be used formore than one season!

Thanks for reading, Above is just a Small Researched list of Best Cruiser Skateboards available in the market, Hope you enjoyed the article and this helped you in purchasing the Right cruiser skateboard from available options.