5 comet longboards you should definitely have


Skateboarding is an extreme but really exciting sport that helps you explore your city as well as develop the mobile system of your body. But this amazing discipline could also be practiced in the nature if there is a road nearby, of course. Why not riding among fabulous landscapes and make selfies which you will then share with your friends. To achieve your goals and prevent undesired injuries you need a professional comet longboard with a screaming design that expresses what your soul wants to say to the community.

And even if the speedboarding has been a TV show few years ago, now it has turned into a way of life for many teenagers. That’s why in this article we decided to show you some of the lightest, fastest and the most stable comet longboards which you should definitely have.

5. Comet Handle Longboard Skateboard Deck With Grip tape

This brand new Comet Handle Longboard Skateboard Deck With Grip tape costs only $99.95 and comes with a free shipping from Amazon. Its comet handle deck is 31.75 inch long and with 8.75 inch width which ensures a perfect comfort of your riding. The two-colored design of the longboard make it ideal for beginners.

4. Comet Grease Shark 38" Complete 9.875x38 Skateboarding Completes

The perfect collaboration with the Comet rider Liam Morgan helped to the fabulous Comet Grease Shark 38 inch longboard to be born. Inspired from the talent, wishes and tastes of the racer, as well as his professionalism, this longboard is your solution for the most unforgettable speed downhill experience. With only 5.1 pounds of weights, it’s faster enough to ensure you an amazing weekend through the nature. The wonderful combination of light green and gray color make the Grease Shark preferred longboard from many newbies.

3. Comet Ethos II Longboard Skateboard Deck - 9.75" x 36"

Continuing in the same diapason of money, we found one of the most suitable comet longboards for girls. The warm red colors combination as well as the dimensions of 9.75x36 inch put this speadboard in the top 3 chart.

2. Comet Wild Boar 37" Police Deck 10x37 Longboards

Here we come with something different! This amazingly-created longboard is for those of you who want to be noticed. Well, there is no better chance to catch the others’ attention than the POLICE design with the perfect combination of colors. The 37 inch deck put this skateboard in the longboard class and the wood it’s made of make it stable and light at the same time ensuring high speed and a huge portion of entertainment down the hills.

1. Comet FS Mini Mechaniod Longboard Skateboard Deck Only With Free Grip Tape

We finish our chart with something untraditional but very cute and especially intended for children’s present. The 36 inch mini comes with a specific and original design and black grip tape. It’s 10 inch wide and the wheelbase is 26 inch which makes it wonderful for riding no matter if you want to exercise on the train station or any road you wish to attack. The material it’s made of help you wear it wherever you want with no efforts.

These 5 comet longboards are just a drop of the sea from the huge assortment of wonderful complete skateboards. They all come with an incredible design and super-light materials that prove their high quality and will make you a professional skater.