5 Impeccable longboards at Amazing Price, Grab one Before cheap longboards go out stock

In the middle of the summer we’re always ready for doing something new in our lives. This time of the year is usually connected with taking some days off from work and going to a beach vocation. But the summer is also an ability to learn something new that could be practiced outside. Even if your city is not situated by the sea, even if you don’t have the ability to go to the beach and have some surfing, you could easily replace this with surfing… Along the streets! Yes, you could easily go skating, instead of surfing!

Looking back in the history of skating you will notice that it dates from the early 1950s and its origins come exactly from the surf sport. When the surfers weren’t able to attack the waves, they successfully have replaced them with conquering the streets on a skate or longboard. So, why don’t you try it out, too?

Let’s also imagine that you’re a huge fan of the extreme sports and want to examine your body till the very last level of your limit. This is absolutely possible even if your budget is lower. You’ll say that the skateboarding is an expensive sport but in this article we’re going to show you some incredible cheap longboards which every kid or teenager may have.

By the way, no matter what age are you, you can always start skateboarding! It’s a universal sport but also needs concentration and devotion. Why skateboarding? Because it has many health benefits:

  • It helps you develop your body muscles without efforts;
  • It charges your body with energy;
  • It provides durability;
  • It develops your mobility system;
  • It will free you from the stress;
  • It provides fun and smile.

In the course of time skateboarding has changed a lot. Today there are 3 different types of skateboards depending on your goals and wishes. In this article we’ll pay more attention to the longboard which is a little bit longer than the traditional skateboard and used for different types of slaloms or just comfortable forfaster transportation from one place to another. It’s very suitable for beginners because the bigger size of the deck will allow you to teach your body how to stay stable over it. Then you’ll have no problems riding the smaller skateboards and learning thousands of extreme tricks and exercises.

Before buying a longboard, there are several things you should consider:

  • The deck – what type of design you want? For what you will use the skateboard? Remember that if the longboard is less than 7.75 inch, it’s not a longboard!
  • The color theme – it’s always better to know what you want than to start your searching when you enter the shop;
  • The wheels – they should be stable, 52 mm standard wheels.
Here are some of the greatest cheap longboards you should definitely have:
Disney Fairies Kid's So Tink Longboard, 31-Inch - $39.99

We’ll start with this Disney Fairies Kids’ So Tink Longboard which is a perfect solution for beginners. This 31 inch longboard has single kicktail and rounded edges that ensure perfect performance while crossing the streets. The clear and spray tape with a top graphic and full color bottom graphic make the longboard looks funny and make you feel as a hero from your favorite anime. The 55mm x 47mm PVC wheels with 608zb bearings ensure the amazing stability your kid needs. This is longboard is very suitable for a birthday present!

Disney Fairies Kid's Fairies Yellow Two Wood Cruiser Skateboard, 21-Inch - $16.95

Making kids happy is a wonderful feeling but what if our budget is even lighter. Well, for $16.95 you could have the Disney Fairies Kid’s Fairies Yellow Two Wood Cruiser Skateboard. This 21 inch wood single kicktail deck with painted edges has a perfectly clear top grip with color graphic. And we know how the children love the colorful things! The carbon steel axes makes this skateboard fabulous for beginners guaranteeing the safety of your kids.

Airwalk Undone Complete Skateboard - $31.90

From the children skateboards we’ll move to the professional level where we find the Airwalk Undone Complete Skateboards for just $31.90. Its 9-ply maple with 31x7.75 double kicktail will help you learn even the hardest tricks easily and quickly. To make your ride smoother here we have 5 inch aluminum trucks and 52 mm embossed street wheels. The top quality components with which the skateboard is made and the amazing color theme put it in top 3 of the greatest longboards ever.

PRO Skateboard Complete KROWN Purple Flame 7.5" - $24.99

Featuring purple frame deck, this professional skateboard will make you enter another dimension of the entertainment. The havoc trucks and 52 mm krown printed wheels will ensure you enough stability to make even the most impossible movement. The design of the skateboard makes it appropriate for girls, too.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete - $39.79

The cleared design of this skateboard with its hidden message in it was what caught our attention this time. The Canadian Maple construction and the amazing style will fit the taste of every skater no matter if you’re a professional or a beginner. The deck is standard longboard with 7.75 inch of length featuring 52 mm wheels. The black aluminum trucks and black grip tape give the skateboard complete appearance that will definitely make you say ‘I want it!’. It costs only $39.79 and comes with a free shipping from Amazon.

Although skateboarding is one of the most expensive and difficult sports, you can find some cheap longboards yet. What you should know is where to search and we’re sure that we have given you some really good ideas no matter if you’re a kid, teenager or adult.