10 of the best surfboards that fit every surfer

In the middle of the summer surfers are one of the most fabulous view in the sea: Attacking huge waves, making jumps, conquering every point of the water, they leave you without a breath. During these hot months many competitions are being held on the coast of the oceans. But the most important (and favorite) part of the sport for every surfer is the surfboard and here are 10 of the best of them which you could also have.

10. New 8 foot foam softtop soft surfboard foamboard - $249.99

The entire design and physical qualities of this surfboard talks about the new technology in surfing more than ever. The perfectly selected blue-white color combination will just merge you with the waves. The board includes new upgraded

9. New 9 foot foam softtop soft surfboard foamboard - $279.99

We continue our chart wish something very warm from a first side. This green surfing jewelry of Greco Surf contains new upgraded leash and fins that provide an absolute durability. The Eden comes with one of the highest density foam mesh than ever before which makes it stable in the water and at the same time it proves the high quality of the brand.

8. Bic Sport Dura Tec Surfboard - $319.95

This DURA-TEC professional surfboard is ideal for both beginners and pro-surf riders. Produced in different sizes, it features a high density foam that ensures wonderful feeling over the waves as well as excellent riding performance. The technology is absolutely innovative and makes the board resistant to every kind of knocks or other challenges. The modern EGG shape of the board makes it fit to every wave.

7. Empire Ehukai Soft Surfboard

Evaluating with the highest number of 5 stars, the Empire Ehukai Soft Sunboard costs only $141.33! The 7 feet professional surfboard comes with attractive green color theme that will make you smile while attacking the waves. It'S equiped with 4 stringers and includes high quaity EPF foam that makes you feel stable and protected from dangers.

6. Landshark lager 6x14 inch surfboard - $174.99

Another middle-cost surfboard appropriate for beginners is the Landshark lager surfboard. Equipped with hanging hardware, it provides perfect stability and on the other hand, the innovative heavy duty packaging ensures safe arrival.

5. 7 foot Soft Performance Surfboard Foamboard Funboard - $239.99

Famous with their professionalism, Greco Surf definitely deserve to be mentioned again in our reviews, this time with their 7 foot Soft Performance Surfboard Foamboard Funboard. Painted in the lovely yellow color, The Light perfectly combines the high quality leash with high density foam to provide soft performance while surfing. Betting on their habit to import innovations in every item, the 7 foot Soft performance surfboard comes with shaped rails, slightly more entry rocker and buoyancy from intelligent implementation of its displacement volume of foam.

4. Hang Ten Soft Top Surfboard, Powder Blue, 7-Feet - $270

Perfectly hand shaped, the 7 foot Ten Soft Top surfboard comes with dual stringer structure for both comfort and stability. Touching every detail, Hang Ten have included tuck rails and the mesh layer they have used is a proven evidence for torsional performance.

3. Empire Off The Wall Soft Surfboard – 159.80

Produced from a high quality EPS foam, this surfboard will give you everything you need to have a maximum entertainment over the waves. Equipped with four stringers, a surf leash and tri fin system, it gives the surfer the desired comfort and stability in the sea making him feeling stable even during the overcoming of bigger challenges. The pleasantly chosen blue color will make you feel really well in the water and imagine that you’re the master of the waves.

2. Liquid Shredder HD Long Surf Board - $532.53

The Liquid Shredder HD Long Surf board is a little bit more expensive than usual but each penny from its cost definitely worth. Born in Peru, it’s made produced for medium surf and flatwater avoiding the bigger waves. The perfect dimensions of 10ft x 25.5in x 3.2in an absolute entertainment and comfort to each rider with up to 200 lbs weight. To avoid delamination the surfboard is equipped with absolutely patented soft vinyl outer skin.

1. Amazing package! Liquid Shredder 7-Feet 5-Inch Heavy-Duty Soft Surfboard with Travel Bag and Leash - $266.05

Evaluated with the maximum 5 stars by Amazon, the Liquid Shredder 7-feet 5-inch Heavy-duty soft surfboard with travel bag and leash takes our first place not only for the perfect price it has but also for the high quality design and first-class materials it’s made of. The board features soft vinyl outer skin to avoid delamination, as well as tree fins and thruster setup. Designed for mid-weight riders, this board is 7 feet, 5 inches in length and 2.5 inches thick. What we like mostly here was the amazing red color theme and the travel back that comes with the package.