Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)


Artisan Super Longboard with lovely bamboo and original maple deck is a stellar choice for beginnersbecause of itshandiness andmaneuverability. Getfreedomand independence as well as a lot of positiveemotionsand pleasure with Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard!

Design Featuresof the Cruiser Skateboard:

  • multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful Artisan bamboo deck;
  • rugged 7-Inch aluminum trucks;
  • durable, PU wheels - 70mm;
  • kick tail

The Deckof Skateboard

This skateboard’sdeck has a Tailor-Madeshape and“content”.It ishas a kick tail. “Content” of theskateboard’sdeckis6-7lays of ahardwood maple.Layer volume determinesweight andstrengthof a desk.Thus, the model is notable for its overstrength due to multiple lays.

The Skin

Atop part (“skin”) ofthe skateboardis asurface cover of the deck that haspolishing sheet performance andis pasted with asolid layeron theboard. The model’s “skin” has prime specification, which help a novice while thrusting off as well as to brush new tricks due to the antiskating capabilities.

The Trucks

The trucks are a castmetal part ofthe boardthat links the deckto wheels. As to this model, it is the aluminum. The skateboard’s trucksare ironed to a bottom sideof the desk. It is due to7-Inch aluminum trucks, the model is characterized byits short turn maneuverability, including high-speedturning rounds. Thetrucksaretunedup.

The Wheels

Material, width and stiff identify the board’s wheels.The stiffof the wheels is defined by the parameterA.The higher this parameter, thetougher the wheels.For example,

  • 85A is regarded assoftwheels;
  • 100A is regarded as stiff wheels

Ifthe softwheelshavetheir advantages, in particular todeaden the shocksand skid less, than the stiff wheels can “thrape”and degrade less. This model has parameter 85A that is a reflection of the fact that the skateboard has a high-degree of sliding. The board’swheelsare nailed to the trucksand havethe bearings.The width ofthe wheelsis measured bymm.For the beginners, the better choice isthe golden mean,it is ~60-70 mm. The addressed model has 70 mm width ofthe wheels.

The Bearings

The board’sbearingscan havechromeorcarboxylic coating. The bearingsarelabeled withan alphanumericformula.For example,the skateboardbearingsare ABEC-3 orABEC-5. The intricate“word code” ABEC is astandard. At the same time, the higher anaccompanyingfigure, the higher quality the bearing. The bearings’capability isgoverned by the echelon of accuracyof the inner race /acceptable error.

The addressed model has got the bearingsABEC5. ABEC5 are the improvedbearings for qualitative skateboardsandroller skates. They are perfect for everydayskateboarding. These bearings are widely used due to their goodness and democratic price as againstABEC3bearings’price.The acceptable -0.0035mm/cm

The Cushions

The boards’ cushions area part of thetrucksand is used to quench oscillation(to promote stability), absorb shocksand bumps.The cushionsare made out ofrubber, per twoshock cushionsfor a skateboard, height dimension ~0.7mm. The cushions are placedbetween the base andhangerand are linked tothecruiser skateboard’s central screw bolt.